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Welcome fellow traveller!

Explore and fill up an empty space. Speak out your questions and in due time someone will answer.

I have only one rule. Be kind to each other.

Made for Extra Credits Game Jam, The Theme was Take Care. I wanted to create an online space where people can join in and find comfort as they wander around to find messages/questions left by others and leave their own behind.

For more games, I have a plethora of games  on my page, be sure to check it out if you haven't. 

If you'd like to follow me on my game dev journey, I post regularly on Twitter @itsDaumPark.


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If only there's mac or web version of this. Sounds like an awesome concept!

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no one ever talks 

Very cute. I've felt so depressed and lonely over the past few months it's nice to have a little simulated social environment full of round friends :)

Even if some of them are lil rude boys


I've opened the game but I can only see white screen can't see anything else, please help


what are the controls?


what are the controls?

e to interact

r to talk

I really love this game. Most similar to The Beginner's Guide part, but you go further by developing whole puzzles from messages left by people. 

Although the "online space" is a deliberate gimmick, every now and then there is doubt and confidence in such a description.

No matter how much I walk, following the messages left to me with small funny characters similar to mine one, the feeling of loneliness never comes. Times and I start to trust this space. Like if it was alive and frendly.

I think this is a new kind of literature - spatial writing. It can also be called a trail letter. I would like to fill in such a "blank slate" from scratch, creating my own "community"; or inviting different communities of people to do it in a truly multiplayer version.

Thanks for the meditation and new horizons!

This is one of those brilliant ideas that you feel sorry that you didn't come up with yourself. I have much to say about it, but I'll limit myself with several short theses:

1. illusion of multiplayer. It reminded us that level with fake messages from players in the Beginners Guide. The illusion was so convincing at the start, that I totally forgot that I was actually playing a standalone copy on my computer.

2. space AND time! Even after several minutes, new guys kept appearing. Just thinking about how much content is spread across this massive space made me dizzy, but then I realized that it's also spread across time... man this game is rich!

3. non-linear storytelling with strikingly effective direction. We started exploring aimlessly, but the more we wandered off the center, the less chaotic and random new stories felt. We ended up running to the x:-1000, y:-1000 pint, and back to the center, and our experience never felt boring or empty.

4. whenever I went in this white void, I never felt alone. This was a pleasant feeling, quite difficult to describe. Probably, what I felt was trust in the author and in the sincerity of their intention to guide me and say something meaningful. Thank you for that!

5. laconic style, fitting sound and music design, etc. They've set the right tone and removed all distractions.

This was great. Plain and simple. You have our most sincere gratitude for making this game and sharing it with us.

Such a lovely little game :) Thank you for making it.

Can you mark the file as "Windows executable" so it is installable via Itch app?

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Thanks for letting me know! I have updated it :)