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The summit was created for Extra Credit Jam #4 - connect. The theme was interpreted as connecting people together through a sense of journey.

In The summit, the player controls Orange who is about to climb the summit. The summit is said to hold secrets of the climbers. Only a few handful of people have been able to climb the summit. 

The summit awaits you.

Please be kind to one another.

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Update Log:

The summit not responding fixed by changing Mongodb permission access changed.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tagsconnect, Experimental, extragamejam, zine


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game is good


comment is good

I think the walking is bad, but I like it

Interesting concept.

I think the walk could've been a better experience. Spamming the left click was quite uncomfortable. Even something as simple as matching key presses on the screen might've worked to give that little spice of variety.

Reaching the summit was nice.

very nice, quite the surprise !

Hey, that's pretty neat!

Incredible experience!

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I really love this game. While playing I was worried that I wouldn't make it to the top of the summit, it was so much work. But when I did reach the top, it was so worth it... The summit really does hear all.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed the summit. The summit has enjoyed your presence. *hands m&m*