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A short game about swatting flies that have invaded your desktop.

Game Features:
- Cute flies that you can happily swat.
- Windowless game play.
- Binaural Audio System, locate flies through sounds.

Left Click to Swat Flies
Note: Flies are quite nimble and agile. You'll have to be precise and accurate with your clicks.

The game was created to explore the definition of playing games on Windows.

Any feedback is welcome! Buzz

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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TagsArcade, Cute, desktop, fly, Funny, Unity


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The Fly Windows 22 MB


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okay so I deleted it because i was going to try it out and then download it later with my friend but i closed it and deleted the file but the sound continues, not sure what to do

is there a way to stop it, like I know u can through task manager, but is there a specific keybind?


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this is the correct answer, you're stuck with him for the rest of your living

Hey itsNemo I cant download the fly it says that it will harm my computer can you give some tips?

hey, windows might consider it as a virus because it's from an "un-known" publisher. It's safe to run in my opinion.

that means it needs admin permissions


A really charming experience, if I could I would defenetly keep them as desktop pets

And then I would smash them with a hammer, PACK

"You are hurting me" got me good lmao
You really added a lot of polish to this iteration of desktop friends, nice job :D


Hey SugarSores,

Thanks for playing! haha I'm glad you liked the monotone voice overs. I always wanted to incorporate it into my games, this posed to be an excellent opportunity.

I try left and right clicking, but neither swats the flies.


Hey Celine,

The flies hit boxes are fairly small so you have to be precise and accurate with your left clicks.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll make an adjustment so that it's easier to get the hang of it.