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This is Line.

Dash through the line and avoid all obstacles.

  • Easy to learn control
  • Over 25 uniquely challenging levels
  • An original attempt at making a soundtrack

Line was made in 48 hours (non consecutive) for the Miz 1 Game Jam 2020

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Updated 29 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
TagsFast-Paced, flow, one-button, Unity
AccessibilityOne button


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10/10 worth over $1,000,000 to buy this game.

I love this!  1 Dimensional gameplay :)

super well made game, I love the difficulty


Not seen a game like that before, nice one. Nearly gave up though...

Oh god. This was too addictive. Such a great idea! Awesome.

I'm too late to vote - but it would've got a 5/5 from me. This is the best game of this jam imho <3

Great work! It's so simple, it makes me jealous ^^

Can we get a desktop version?

great game

Simple, fun, addictive... Nearly gave up several times but I made it to the end! Great job! Would love it if you could give my submission a play? <3

Love the simplicity and the one-key interface. Great difficulty curve!

Very cute and creative use of the tile set. Especial like the player character and dogs


This game shows why indie is so nice.

Simple, cute and Epic.