Hygge is a short game about a father and daughter on a cosy camping adventure during winter. Light up the bonfire and stay warm!

Hygge was created for GMTK Game Jam 2019 - Only One. The theme was interpreted as Only One Matchstick. 

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I'm a little confused about the game, after the unlit fire slides into the screen and the matchbox goes away, I took the match and put it by the unlit fire, but then it goes out after a while. Is that supposed to happen?

It took a bit, but I finally figured out the mechanics of the game, the screen zoom-in was a good hint. The ending was adorable :)

I really liked the starting scene and would have liked to see the ending, but i didnt know why i was getting ouches or my matchstick would go out :/ keeping the stick at a steady speed would work untill the campfire comes but then i get an ouch anyways. Maybe I was just too dumb but there seems to be very little player feedback ^^'

Heyy Crysaac, thaanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it :) Also don't fault yourself, you're not dumb :o, the game is just stupid hard hahaha - It's hard because the game doesn't have an intuitive way of giving feedback to the players on what they are supposed to do.


The game ends with Papa and Emma sitting next to a cosy fire as they rekindle their memories about Mama. As they talk together the camera transitions upwards to reveal the meaning of Hygge - An intimate, loving feeling associated with sitting around a fire in the winter with your loved ones.

has hygge something to do with the danish word hygge?


Yes the game is based of the Danish word Hygge.