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is this a virus?

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i need to know

bro its so hard to dowload on windows

I hope that's not a kind of virus 


pls make it for mac?

Bro my desktop goose needed company. They're friends now.

you're an unique dev


im a asshole so i downloaded it for a dumb reason

becuz my desktop chibi needs a friend.

amogus is realy sus i dont know if i open it or not

aand it's not showing and now i have to download it again

my laptop thought it was a virus cause it was a "sus file" lol

download the zip file it will not appear like "sus file" and its true that red is very sus

i saw iwanplays screws around with this desktop crewmate and desktop goose



i need source codeeee

pls  pls pls pls pls pls pls

Just do a reverse engineer dude


So uh you can kill it but how to you take it off?

so uh im going to get uses it it

close the window that has a crewmate



how do you remove it?πŸ˜…
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Close it's window


is he a virus




it is free





make it for macbook plsssss

how can you get more colours?


where is to uninstall?

control panel, dummy

real cool. I honestly like this a lot and its easy to get rid of

looks cool think ill download





Walt is a sussy baka




a little sus, no?

could we be able to have more and have one, maybe be an impostor?


This is not a virus to close this just hover on the Among Us like application open in your taskbar and close it.


Well what your saying is kinda sussy

When the desktop companion is sus 😳

how did you drag the wallpaper around in the gifs?


it is a VIRUS


Lmfao no its a sussy baka

 one thats a zip doesnt work, couldnt find how to run it

Extract The Zip.


XD if this guy dont know how to extract zip am going to laugh

i did extract it. nothing happened when i tried to run the file in it

what's your os ? if you don't have windows you can't run it


Can there be different colours please?


hey this is cool and also can you add the color orange, cyan or purple ?

also how to remove it  after i used it ?


how do you change colors

suses amunges

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