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make it for macbook plsssss

how can you get more colours?

where is to uninstall?

real cool. I honestly like this a lot and its easy to get rid of

looks cool think ill download



Walt is a sussy baka

a little sus, no?

could we be able to have more and have one, maybe be an impostor?

This is not a virus to close this just hover on the Among Us like application open in your taskbar and close it.

Well what your saying is kinda sussy

When the desktop companion is sus 😳

how did you drag the wallpaper around in the gifs?


it is a VIRUS


Lmfao no its a sussy baka

 one thats a zip doesnt work, couldnt find how to run it

Extract The Zip.


XD if this guy dont know how to extract zip am going to laugh

i did extract it. nothing happened when i tried to run the file in it

what's your os ? if you don't have windows you can't run it


Can there be different colours please?



hey this is cool and also can you add the color orange, cyan or purple ?

also how to remove it  after i used it ?


how do you change colors

suses amunges




it is verry nice

This is so cute! is there a blue one? Also is this a safe program to download? I just experienced the horror of trying to download shimegis

you can get shimegis on google store on extensions

what? shimegis is a virus?

I didn't get any virus idk what you downloaded

but i downloaded from the website of shimeji-ee

this was cool enough you deserved an extra few bucks ^^. lemme know if you do a cyan i will totally tip!


I love this! The only thing I would change is to have an option to change the color of the crewmate.

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Im making a blue one. I will send you it once im done!

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Its gonna say yellow tho (bc it yellow from someone else)


Read this i dare you




Wow cool your reading this.

Fine, you win


I win....


you won


Can i Have pink among us pet

I've done this before

oh right

It does not have sounds

Is this gonna be supported on Apple and Mac

sounds needed



it cant move between screens

hey how can i delete this :( i need help

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try using the task manager then delete the process

is there another way?

cause im just dumb

ctrl + alt + del for task manager

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No ctrl shift Esc

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hey dude will this support apple yet

can I have a sky blue crewmate?

hey might want to comment under ggrrtg's comment for them to get notified :)

thank you @itsNemo! It’s my first time requesting for something online haha.... sorry about that.... anyways, thanks again!

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guys i can make you colours just comment under my comment tell me witch color and i will send you its actually really easy its just like editing among us textures, but just comment witch color and send me maybe your discord server and i will DM you

hhahaha thanks for doing this! 

no worries :)


Can I have a yellow crewmate?

Cyan Crewmate

Dark blue

Can I have white? are you just going to reply and send me a link to it? I dont need to pay for anything right?

lol no need to pay ofc its easy to do

Could I have a black crewmate?

can i have a lime green crewmate

lime (question: does it need to pay? lol) my discord usarname and tag: akmost#8367

can you make mine light purple? (darker than pink but lighter than purple) my discord username is GMElemons#3000

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can i have dark blue

I dare you to make rainbow crewmate

done that before

Hello! I doubt that you will see this, but it's worth a try. If you could make a Cyan, Lime and Black Crewmate, that would be great! If you already have made them, I think you might just be able to send the ones you made already.
Discord: The Cheese is mine.#7375

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here is the discord everyone just head to the( #amongus-colors) channel and ill give every single one the color he wants RAINBOW is availble too

 my discord: The Big Man#3352

discord invite (might expire) :

new inv plz?

can you make it so we can change the color and add outfi?

u dont have to just somthing to do.

i want taht

Can you let this support Mac and Apple Computers? Because i have no Windows computers

I would really like that too, I'll need to set aside sometime to look into the technical aspects haven't quite figured it out. 

Ok. I'll be glad if you decided to add it on Mac.

Deleted 1 year ago

It's pretty cool! But there's basically nothing to do but him just wandering and click him then he dies, that's all I wish there were more features like the desktop goose.

On my spare time i'll try to add a few more interactive features :) 

Thank you!

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