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Really cool, this is such a smart concept and fun too!

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or some reason the middle finger acts like scissors and I think its funny pointing the middle finger at a piece of paper to reduce my stress

any download able file?


Really cool idea, and the controls are so fun to use


very fun, but also hard and challenging. it's enjoyable enough to make you want to play more but also hard enough to make it a challenge. 10/10

Thats a fun game! The controls are cool!

I kept on poking the middle finger :d


haha, I've done that too. Made my own gangsta signs too

This game crashes my browser without fail every single time i try to run it. I'm on windows using chrome, please fix, this game looks fun.

Oh no, i'll take a look into this and also upload a windows/mac executable.

Would you be able to send me any screenshots? 

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When I start  it, after the unity logo,  there's just black. My browser stops responding to me immediately, i cant scroll or do anything else.  You might have a loop that creates something on startup that never finishes. Usually it just generates lots of errors, and stops the unity player, but in this case it  might be something extremely computational that stops my browser.

I've only ever programmed games and game engines in javascript, so it might be something different for unity.

Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!


Neat! The controls are great for this, and I love the new take on rock,paper,scissors (or scissors,paper,rock as you say ;) ),


I'm so glad that you enjoyed the control schematics :)