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I would love a version with duel monitor support! Thank you so much for this adorable friend during this lonesome time! <3

pigeon in screen?!?!?!?

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there's a pigeon in my screen!  wow...pigeon are a pest!! they're rat with wings...i'm overloaded with pigeons and counted them 19 out of 15 birds is om my windows and slowing my monitor i better deleted all of those windows pests..its takes along time to close all the pigeons and take a while to see it gone and now everything is fine.. so i have no pigeon in my screen..

Om... nhom nhon

it aint transparent

maybe a linux port might help


Could you Please add a function to just send him to his nest?


I wanted to ask that how can I temporarily close the pigeon but without deleting its file?

I was confused with this and I'm scared my mom will scold me because I've download a pigeon, but the pigeon was really cute and I love it! Pls watch this comment!


Or I think temporarily hide it?

just go to task manager


haha steal yo nest

plss fix tis replace it with some angry emotes

thats rude

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lol nest stolen

Muy buena la recomiendo,

 merese mi like


how do i give him seeds?


this is so cute but I would love it if there was a version for mac, is it possible to make one?


I love this! but pleeeease could we see an update? I desperately want to see all of those other bird designs and even maybe multiple birds at a time? I would also love to see more interactivity (i.e. birdseed that they eat, reacting to audio, and maybe just even a simple backdrop with designs like in the images that the birds interact with.)

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Cute application q(≧▽≦q) Also, what if he does some specific actions when ya perform various tasks? like vibing or chirping when Spotify is open ? That'd be cool.

I've been waiting for ages but my pigeon never came! Do I have to launch it manually in files or does it come on when it wants to?

You have to launch it manually.

thanks for your reply! it helped but sadly my iMac cant run it, your reply helped a lot with my confusion though!


its so cute ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ !! I wish i have the money so i can support the artist but i shall go back when I have a job :D !!


She's very cute! I love seeing her waddle around the screen while I'm busy and petting her occasionally.

I wish there was a way to force her to stop following the cursor around, though. It's a little frustrating when I'm trying to click on a tab or something and she keeps running underneath the mouse.


I love having them but if you could add a dead zone in the middle of the screen? whenever I'm playing a game where my mouse is forced in the center of the screen and he walks in the center of the screen then it makes me tab out of the game, If there was an option to make it where they can't walk in a certain area on the screen that would be nice (also different skins would be cool but that's a smaller thing)


how do i get him on my screen i downloaded it


unzip the file then go into it and open the application


how do i do that

This is so cute, and it's really calming! It helps me focus and give me something to look at and relieve my stress! But I would like to have it so we can do more with it ;w;

I did not expect the pigeon to actually help me focus!! he kinda gives me something to fidget with on screen so I can pay attention better with things like audiobooks or really long videos. I love him!! would love to see more updates in the future ^-^


this thing is probably mining crypto in the background

and its preety boring

Why are you assuming it is mininng crypto?

Just because it's on your desktop?

where the hell did you even get that from

First, it spells preTTy;

Second, where did you get that he mines crypto?

he's really cool but I think it would be cool to name him

Name it whatever you want :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Let'em be Natural 


can you use this with a chrome book ? I really want it but only have a school computer :/


Is there a way to move it to another monitor?


there's no mac version :(

This is so funny i love it


I LOVE IT but we probably would all love to be able to give him treats and stuff for example you get 4 boxes a pigeon a nest a treat dispenser and a toy or something or a hoop and possibly let him fly


I totally agree.

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hey! does the pigeon have any virus? is it true it mines bitcoin on your GPU? PS: can you please add controls? i would like to make him dance or something


dancing would be nice

it would be nice if you hide from the taskbar

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when i close my laptop the pigeon disappears and i need to adopt a new one. pls help me 


among u s


Is there a way to change the sprite?
I want to give him little outfits


Well if that's a yes to you want to give him little outfits then I'm just about to go digging into the files :T


Can you do it for iPhone or Android please


You guys know it mines crypto on your gpu?


I have no idea what any of that means

Deleted 1 year ago

Sure, it mines with the 5% of my GPU and 2% of my CPU.

Let ppl enjoy the pidg


I drew him a house :)


give me your desktop wallpaper please it looks cool


pls post a link to this wallpaper pls


I drew something similar if you guys are interested I'll post a link to the photo but there will be a watermark This link should take you to my image, I made it fit a windows 10 screen perfectly so you can crop it however you want.

aand I am unable to view that :<

oh no, do you want me to try a download link?


if you try this, it should work

can you send it to me?


PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR MAC! I need this in my life more than I have ever needed anything before 😭




How to delete a pigeon? I accidentally adopt 2

i deleted my by closing its window


I love my pigeon! However, it can be disruptive at times, so a setting to change its  size, or keep it on the desktop and behind/off of windows would be very helpful :)

Edit: it would also be awesome if you had commands to give it, like follow me, fly, explore, stay here, or go to sleep

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