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alfredo is the best chubby potato pigeon i could ask for ;-;

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i've had Mike for like an hour and i already love him, i hope some day i'll be able to play with him and feed him

how to activate homeless pigeon pls help

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This. Is. AMAZING. Ive only had Chonk, thats the name i gave him, for about a few hours, and I love him. My friend loves birds so i always show this to him. Maybe an idea for this is being able to make an account so you can add friends and send messages to your them through the birds. keep up the good work! From me an Chonk :D


This  is amazing you NEED ad more thing like treats toys or just see him fly around like an angel 


love him!!!!

I love this little guy! and as everyone in the comments are also saying, I think more interactions like treats as well as cosmetic features would be cool. I would be willing to pay for extra cosmetic content. and I think a way to send him to the nest would be helpful so I don't have to close the tab when I need him out of the way. but otherwise, I'm very happy with this and I am getting my friends to download this as well. 

will there ever be a Mac version this looks like fun 

I love the little dude, but I can no longer use my keyboard shortcut. For example, I open Microsoft word using CTRL + ALT + W and it would open it up. But for some reason, I cannot use these shortcuts when the app is running. 

oh man. i freakin love this bird, man. i have had them for less than a day (ten minutes i believe) and i have fallen in love. i have had my desktop goose named goose (yes! he goes by his middle name. his first name is groose.) for a while now, and he felt a little lonely when he was actively bullying me. now that he has his sibling, it seems he feels happier, and he doesnt attack me as often now. he gets jealous if i pet the pigeon near him though. 10/10, i will recommend this adorable friend to all of my pals!


is there a way to stop them from following you? its nice but they do get in the way of clicking sometimes

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This is so cute :3 (It would also be cool if you could interact with the pigeon more like give it food, give him a bow to make him look cuter)


i wonder if this will interact with desktop goose


i love the pigeons and this is just beautiful!๐Ÿ’œโœจ


I feel good.

how do i find my pigeon


I absolutely love this!!! ...and so does my cat :P


I love how your name is Pigeon :) thank you for the kind words


maby add a thing so you can change what bird u want and he can get random thigs of screan like a stick a hat or a apple


Yes! Cosmetic items to make your pigeon looking dashing :) 



ahh is it possible to make a version for mac ? i absolutely adore this pigeon but sadly i don't have a windows device, anyway kudos to you ! you made a great application

Sorry about the inconvenience, I would really like that too, I'll need to set aside sometime to look into the technical aspects. 

Thank you for the kind words!

yea that would be really handy

how do you delete or remove it?

You'll have to exit by right clicking on the application in your taskbar or app manager. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


I'm gonna make him battle the desktop goose.

Let them fightLet them fight - now let them fight | Meme Generator

but is it possible?

nah, it is impossible


he's sooo cuuteee l love him damn...

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I love him :))))))) he's so cute I play w/ him during school while I write essays and stuff, he just kinda chills and watches me write.

for me it just shows up as a pigeon on a black screen not on my desktop and i dont think thats supposed to happpen 

Yeah sorry im dumb

how do you actavate it

How did you make the background transparent on unity? I'm trying to make mine transparent, but there are basically no tutorials and they only give me black screen. Plz holp

Hello Gogozooom,

Wonderful to hear that you're inspired to create your own transparent game. 

I have also ran in black screen issues that randomly occur. I think for me what fixed the issue was changing the version of Unity. 

I'd be happy to help you on your dev journey

I followed this tutorial 

And it helped me a lot. also, the pictures allover the page have different expressions of the pigeon, Why aren't they in the actual program? are you still experimenting with them? 

Also, (Sorry for commenting a lot) I could add more features to the game for you, If you want. I paused on all the games I have on unity. and think this could be worth my time!

im also planning on a desktop companion unity game know how make it transparent 
would be nice to detect if player types text
sadly cant detect other windows on desktop

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it''s realy cute bro but can you had a command to get more pigeon and remove a bird and make a little game

(you're the best bro)


WumpusFBI! Thank you for the kind message! :) 

I have had ideas for mini games perhaps like dodging game where you need to feed the pigeon to avoid obstacles. 

Also had this idea where you could send the pigeon on mini adventures and it'd find loot that it can wear. hahaha 

I love this, but it would be helpful to have the program to show up in the arrow taskbar (the option is not available for me) and have right clicking on the icon or the bird or nest itself create a dropdown menu with options such as turning the program off like shimeji

I use shimeji over this because of the lack of an off button. I would prefer not to use task manager to shut the program down every time. 

I adore the pigeon though.

Hello Keeping!

Apologies for my inactivity and delayed response.

Oh! Thank you for the inspirations and ideas. I'll try to incorporate a better UI/UX experience so that users don't have to force quit the application. 

How I would quit it is by either clicking the nest or the bird and pressing alt + f4, or simply doing alt + tab and X-ing it out from there


So far I'm liking this Homeless Pigeon <3! But I'd like to add some suggestions, like maybe we can interact with it too by right clicking on the Pigeon and feeding it seeds or bread and taking it a bath. Or it should also try to follow the cursor around. And maybe it could fly around too! Also we should also try naming the pigeon, since we addopted it. 

Anyways it's really cute! Love it so far 5/5๐Ÿ’–

Hello ayoomi! 

Apologies for my inactivity and delayed response.

Thank you so much for the kind message and the suggestions for homeless pigeon! I would definitely love to add more interactions to homeless pigeon and I hope to bring a more polished experience (just got to find the time haha)!

Till then take care of these homeless pigeons for me!

I love this pigeon but I really want to know how to delete them since I can't really do my work like this?

Hahaha sorry to hear that they're distracting you :) 

I should include a distraction free mode.

it says access denied to the folder plz help i need this

i need this but i cant get it downloaded 

i showed this to my best friend (he's a big dummy for birds) and he absolutely loves her and its the best because he keeps talking about how she runs around and demands affection and he gushes over her all the time so ive ruined his life by giving him a bird to play with and distract himself 

I cant get it to work...

ohh do you get a black screen?


The pigeon is so cutee, thank you so much for creating this software. ๐Ÿ’•

I have seen one with a goose a while ago but I didn't like it, I love this one, he looks so cute when he walks around!!

Thank you! Thank you! ๐Ÿ’•


Thanks, I really like pigeons a lot, now I have 2 mother fucking coo coo birds in my dekstop

I know you've probably been busy, yet I wanted to tell you that I love this cute pigeon pet! It just runs around my screen exploring <3 I hope that there will be updates soon! 

I wish they added a dodo

thank you for this. i love him.

Oh my god, this is absolutely adorable! My pigeon is sitting on the right upper corner and watchting my doing. Awesome! Thank you.


๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ Thank you for the kind message . I'm sure the fella is also super happy that it has been adopted by you!

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